Luigi Ferraro’s love for cooking is innate. As a child, he watched his mother and grandmother cook and he was always attentive, eager to understand and discover and make those ‘secrets’, those ‘traditions’ his, everything that, for him, meant cooking, a wonderful world.
He went to the Hotel School of Castrovillari and immediately started to work in restaurants and hotels.

Simplicity and creativity are the hallmarks of his cooking. He loves discovering different situations, changing everything according to his taste, learning from everyone and everything. Every kitchen he walks into stimulates and fascinates him and this leads him to rework and blend new cultures with his own thus generating new unique, creative dishes that are always on the move, just like him.

His passion for cooking is instinctive, the kitchen has always been an “ideal cultural space” for him where he can create and experiment, travel and let his imagination journey and free his creativity, and not simply the place where food is prepared!

Alici marinate al biondo tardivo di Trebisacce

Il pecorino crotonese DOP nell’orto

Musulupu dell’Aspromonte… morbido e croccante


‘Calabria in all ways, a journey with Luigi Ferraro’. A cultural project unique of its kind which arises from Luigi’s love for his Region of origin. A book on Calabria and for Calabria, which talks about art, history, tourism, oil, wine, products, the area and cuisine, in other words a unique journey around Calabria in all senses.

Throughout his career, Luigi Ferraro has received many recognitions and awards for his work, and the commitment he has made and makes in promoting and valorising Italia products, especially those of his beloved Calabria, around the world

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