Luigi Ferraro

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Luigi Ferraro’s love for cooking is innate. As a child, he watched his mother and grandmother cook and he was always attentive, eager to understand and discover and make those ‘secrets’, those ‘traditions’ his, everything that, for him, meant cooking, a wonderful world.
He went to the Hotel School of Castrovillari and immediately started to work in restaurants and hotels. His professional path started at Sibari and then there were the first experiences in southern Italy followed by Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Veneto. After obtaining the High School Diploma, he had his first international experience in Sharm el Sheik. There, he started to discover other traditions and realised what working in an international kitchen means. After Egypt there were other significant experiences – London, Stuttgart, Bangkok, New York, George Town, St Petersburg, Paris and Moscow.
From the very start of his adventure, Luigi has always given his best and put all possible passion into his work. His view of creative cooking and his obstinacy in wanting to grow in his work have led to his constant growth, even though he may feel it’s never enough.
Luigi’s career has been marked by many awards and recognitions and appointments as ambassador. He has organised many events and dinners around the world including the ‘Gala Dinner of Sanremo Festival’ in 2014 and the Gala Dinner at Expo Milano 2015 in the Italy hall for the week on Calabria.
He has lived and worked as executive chef in one of the best luxury restaurants in Moscow since 2010 but is constantly on the move, even just holding courses on his simple, creative cooking, the best-known being held in Paris, St Petersburg and Moscow and those as lecturer of the Italian Culinary Institute, the cookery school. He has also given many demonstrations of show cooking at events and exhibitions such as Expo Milano 2015 in the Alitalia-Etihad hall, the PIR Moscow, Taste Moscow, the Salone del Gusto (the Taste Show) Turin, Tutto Food Milan and many others. Luigi has also taken part in RAI and Mediaset TV programmes – ‘The Cooking Show’, ‘Uno Mattina’ and ‘Tg5 Gusto’. He has often taken part in international competitions, always being placed among the winners, including two gold medals won at the International Kremlin Culinary Cup in Moscow. His latest exploit is called ‘Calabria in tutti i sensi’ (Calabria in all ways), a book on Calabria created with the photographer Riccardo Marcialis.
The drive of this impulse has always maintained, and still maintains, his desire to do, change, grow and create. It always keeps his love for his work alive, thus leaving the desire to know and learn so vital. He’s a cook who recognises the right value of modern techniques, who offers his love for quality cooking without ‘compromises’ in the details. A cook who uses his head but always puts his heart into it.