His passion for cooking is instinctive, the kitchen has always been an “ideal cultural space” for him where he can create and experiment, travel and let his imagination journey and free his creativity, and not simply the place where food is prepared! The knowledge and application of different cooking procedures is important for him and, naturally, given his attention to everything, he prefers methods that suffocate the ingredient as little as possible. He always looks for the best, in life and particularly in his kitchen – every ingredient is fresh, sophisticated, bought and stored in the right way. Every detail is aesthetics and precision, the dishes are full of minute details in their presentation – from the combinations of flavours to little decorations, everything expresses his commitment and love for his work.

He has always thought of cooking in new ways and incessantly looks to offer and spread quality; he likes to dare and firmly believes that everything is renewable and can be changed at will, and in particular the art of cooking.