The book

‘Calabria in all ways, a journey with Luigi Ferraro’. A cultural project unique of its kind which arises from Luigi’s love for his Region of origin. A book on Calabria and for Calabria, which talks about art, history, tourism, oil, wine, products, the area and cuisine, in other words a unique journey around Calabria in all senses. This book arises from the idea of being able to make a contribution to Calabria, a book that Luigi takes everywhere to introduce this unique enchanted land with an immense and priceless wine and food heritage to everyone. Luigi has created this book, published by Rubbettino Editore with Giordano De Stefano, friend and colleague who has worked with Luigi for years, Riccardo Marcialis, a great, internationally known photographic maestro and Stefano Marcialis who was responsible for the graphics.